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I offer counselling to nursing homes and private homes to help create a dementia friendly environment both indoor and outdoor.

In working with dementia my focus is on the physical environment. The lack of hands and time leave people with dementia to them selves many hours a day. This is why supportive and stimulating surroundings become increasingly important.

I favour a holistic approach and work from a broad perspective including nature, the environment (acustics, lighting, design), music, art and colour ect.

Every recommendation I give is based on the latest national and international research.

I’ve been self-employed for the past 20 years. Seeing other people happy and healthy and getting the best out of their life give me motivation and joy.

Accupressure, coaching, holistic health counseling, mentoring for relatives of cancer patiens, healing, goal mapping, workshops and speaches are the services I have offered over the years.

I thrive on studying new topics and this has resulted in a highly developed skill to aquire new knowledge. Experiences in my personal life has led me on to my current professional path working with dementia.

You are very welcome to contact me for futher information by email: or call me +45 20730110